James Bay - Saturday Night Live

James Bay on SNL with his Frank Brothers Signature Model.

Arkells - Live at the Juno Awards

Mike DeAngelis and his Frank Brothers Signature Model

The Arcade Model

Featuring Paul Phelan

Official Music Video

James Bay 'Pink Lemonade'

The Signature Model

Featuring Mike Eckert

Cory Wong!

Demo Video at the Walrus Audio booth at NAMM 2018

Behind the Scenes

The Frank Brothers Story

In honour of our of dedication to quality and timeless style, Frank Brothers have been named Blundstone Ambassadors. This behind the scenes video about the Frank Brothers Story is courtesy of our friends at Blundstone.

Behind the Scenes

From Start to Finish

In honour of Record Store Day 2018, we collaborated with Viryl Tech, a local record pressing company, and the band Only Yours, to show the world the importance of quality in manufacturing and recording, and the magic of vinyl.

"Värmland Session"

Daniel Romano and Jazz Police. Presented by Out On The Rise

Daniel Romano

 Modern Pressure

James Bay

Live in London, UK


Live in Atlanta, Georgia


Live in Brooklyn, NY

Daniel Romano

Live in Amsterdam, NL

Daniel Romano

Live in Athens, Georgia

Demo Videos