A proud Frank Brothers customer from California recently shared his unboxing experience!

Frank Brothers Guitar Co has become known for exceeding expectations with the quality of our instruments. We also look to exceed expectations throughout the whole custom guitar process for our customers. Our unboxing experience is something we don't share enough about, and one of our customers agreed. As a thank you to the brothers, Clayton de Wet, a recent customer shared his experience. We hope you enjoy the photo gallery below, courtesy of Clayton and photographer Matt Klimek (@illumninated_lens).

It is safe to say that Clayton was blown away by the unboxing experience and the guitar itself. In his own words: 

The Guitar itself is PHENOMENAL!  Honestly my very first impression out of the box was that the finish is the best finish job I have ever felt.  For a year my day-job (outside of film) was doing repair and minor lutherie work at the Austin Guitar Center.  One of my main duties was to inspect every guitar out of the box...the fact that I was drawn to the feel and look of the finish before anything else is a BIG one for me.  I feel if a guitar is pleasing to touch, then you won't put it down. 

I had no inclination to even check action or look at the truss rod.  Everything right out of the box felt just right.  If I wasn't aware of the short amount of time the guitar has had strings on it - I wouldn't have believed it.  Everything felt solid, like it was meant to be together..  no rattles, no light buzzing, no part that feels like it was slapped on as an after thought.  It was all purpose built.

The absolute FIRST thing I noticed [after plugging it in] was that the tone pot actually does something.  I have a few guitars with single coils where I am all over the tone pot, but when it comes to my humbucker guitars, its usually on "Good" or "Santana" (when needed).  I spent about 45min to an hour just playing with the volume and tone through my Marshall Lead 12 to find all the sounds I could get.   It was after that hour that I suddenly realized that I had never touched the pickup selector; all of the noodling I had done was solely on the bridge pickup.  It was the first guitar I have ever owned that made me feel like I seriously need to upgrade the rest of my set up. I think everything I have to play through is only holding the guitar back...  that's honestly the best way I can describe it.

Every time I open the case for musicians, and primarily non-musicians alike everyone is blown away by the mere sight of the standard model you have made for me.  Thank you again!!  Now I just need to save up so I can get an Arcade model!