What was your inspiration for your custom Arcade?

I wanted a guitar that looked like an Airline-type 60’s pawn shop guitar, but played and sounded like a modern boutique instrument.

Why did you choose Frank Brothers Guitar Co. to put your concept into reality?

I love their design sensibility, sticking with one body shape and doing as much as they could around that. Then when I did some research on the company itself, I didn’t find a single complaint about the build process which is rare in the world of custom-built guitars.

What was the custom ordering experience like for you?

It was pretty much worry free. And for someone who has ordered a fair number of custom builds, that is a rarity. I never felt like I couldn’t/shouldn’t ask a question, and I feel like my ideas and requests were met with enthusiasm. Whenever I sent an email, I’d get a very quick & friendly reply. I never felt like a bother, which was very nice.   

Did you have any concerns with ordering a guitar that you’d never seen or played before?

No, because I’d played another Arcade, and while the specs weren’t what I usually play, I could tell it was a fantastic guitar. It sounded and played great, which was why I ordered one more to my taste.

We have pretty unique packaging for the guitar world. How was your unboxing experience?

My first Arcade I bought used came in the original packaging. I think “HOLY SHIT! This is COOL.” was my mindset when opening.

Now that you've spent a few months playing your Arcade, how are you liking it?

Loving it. What I wanted was EXACTLY what I got. It actually had more “personality” to the sound than I expected from two P90s. A fierce and angry bridge, a beautiful and almost quacky middle position, and a round, warm neck tone, that still cuts well. I’ve played Lollar P90s before, and that’s not what they’ve sounded like in other guitars. They were more utilitarian before, and in this guitar they had so much more going on. This is where the wood and craftsmanship come in.

What do you enjoy most about your custom Arcade?

That it’s what I pictured in my head when I ordered it. I expected it to get close, but you totally nailed it.

BONUS QUESTION: What’s your favourite album?

Lady Lamb - Ripely Pine, X-Ray Spex - Germfree Adolescents, Misfits - Walk Among Us, GnR - Appetite for Destruction, Whale - We Care, and Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits. That’s as far as I can narrow it down right now. :)