In the world of Blues, Jazz, and R&B, Josh Smith has gained a reputation for his tasteful rhythm playing and creative, scorching lead work. Josh is a well established Producer, session musician and recording artist with a huge following - check out the video below and you’ll immediately understand why!

This custom Arcade Model was a super fun collaboration between Josh and the Frank Brothers - the concept was to successfully interpret a few key iconic elements from vintage Korina Gibson Explorers and apply them to the FBGC platform without compromising either designs.

We started with high quality African Korina (aka White Limba) for the Body and Neck, and a CITES documented Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. The pickguard and electronics cavities were the next step and the main aesthetic nods to the Explorer. A design for the pickguard was hand drafted by Tim and imported to Rhino CAD software by FBGC collaborator Mark Kett where it was and refined and smoothed. Finally, the electronics cavities were resigned for the classic Dual Vol./Master Tone Explorer configuration.

A Vintage Gloss finish was applied to the whole body along with an amber tint. Once wet sanding and polishing was complete, the guitar was placed into our deep freezer to check the finish and give it that aged lacquer look!

Josh supplied a pair of JW Restoration PAF Style Humbuckers for the guitar which gave it that authentic clarity, bite and mid-range punch! Vintage Brown electronics cavity covers and aged hardware completed this Arcade’s Explorer transformation!