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Frank Brothers








World class guitars

Custom Built by the Frank brothers

Distinguished for professional performance, heirloom quality, and original design. Exceeding expectations for quality, playability and sonic experience is our constant motivation. Meticulous craftsmanship makes each guitar a work of art.

We provide a true custom shop experience. Talk directly with the brothers crafting your dream guitar. Select from a variety of wood, finish, colour, hardware and electronics options. 


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A Unique Masterpiece

A Unique Masterpiece

What others are saying

The Guitar Magazine Gear of the Year 2017 Guitar Review - Frank Brothers Signature Model Electric Guitar

"a new design that’s a potential world-beater...extraordinarily confident and tasteful...Even by the standards of the modern boutique market, the Signature Model is something special."

- The Guitar Magazine (click to read the full review)

“World’s most playable guitar - hands down”

- Daniel Romano

Simply knocked us out! Flawless build quality, playability, vintage tones, and a highly original design... Stunningly beautiful guitars

-The Music Emporium

They are awesome!

- The North American Guitar, London, U.K.

“Guitar-Making Gurus”

- The Torontoist


Our Family History

We are proud to build on a family legacy of excellence in music that began with our grandfather.

Behind the Scenes at Frank Brothers

Get a sneak peak behind of the Frank Brothers workshop, and here from Nick Frank about our history, how are our guitars are different and what it's like to work with your brothers. Video courtesy of our friends at Blundstone.