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"A new design that’s a potential world-beater...extraordinarily confident and tasteful... Even by the standards of the modern boutique market, the Signature Model is something special." 


“instruments as good as this have a habit of stopping time. Sure, there’s extraordinary clarity and precision, notes are complex, there are bags of sustain…But its most hypnotic characteristic is the way in which it encourages you to step outside of the familiar.”



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James Bay, UK

“I think they might have nailed it. In my personal taste and opinion they’ve built this really classic looking instrument that sounds incredible….really really really well feels classic already.”

- James Bay, Professional Musician & Customer, UK

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Matt Wallis, Toronto

“The only people in the world that care more about your guitar…They are so incredibly particular that they can not let a guitar leave the shop unless they know that every aspect of it is as good as it can be.”

Matt Wallis, Customer, Toronto

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Ryan G., Chicago

“I love it! It’s the best guitar I’ve ever played. Blown away by the appearance, sound, and feel! So spot on and comfortable – like a guitar I had already owned for years. Everything feels precise and comfortable which adds to the ease of playing it.”

Ryan G, Customer, Chicago

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Clayton de Wet, California

“My very first impression out of the box was that the finish is the best finish job I have ever felt. Everything right out of the box felt just right.”

- Clayton de Wet, Customer, California

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Top 5 Boutique Guitars at NAMM

“Sure to wow boutique and vintage lovers wise enough to give it a chance. The build quality is superb and the feel of the guitar is definitively electric.”

- Casey Hopkins,

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Simply knocked us out! Flawless build quality, playability, vintage tones, and a highly original design...Stunningly beautiful guitars

-The Music Emporium, Massachusetts

“World’s most playable guitar - hands down”

- Daniel Romano, Professional Musician & Customer

“A very responsive and expressive instrument”

- Westwood Music, LA

They are awesome!

- The North American Guitar, London, U.K.

“Guitar-Making Gurus”

- The Torontoist

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